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Nothing lasts forever, unless you upload it on the Internet - it’s a realization that has become painfully obvious over the course of past few years. With each click, view, stream, upload and download you are giving free and easy accsess to your personal data which is being collected, shared and sold without you having a say in any of that. Right now, the cyber space as we know it is the new Wild West. Therefore, your security is a matter to be taken into the hands of the only party truthfully concerned with your privacy - yourself. At Cyberspacewhat, we believe in individual’s right to full privacy and security. We believe that no individual, business or government has the right to track or censor us as citizens or consumers. That is why we set ourselves a goal to provide credible and thoroughly researched information about the best cyber security tools currently on the market.

Affiliate Statement. According to new FTC blog guidelines, bloggers and webmasters must disclose that they are being financially compensated for including certain products or services in their blog posts. This page is cyberspacewhat.com disclosure page. This website uses affiliate links to some companies listed in our reviews. This is a type of commission program on the web. If you buy a product or a service as a result of clicking on these links, we will receive a commission on the resulting sale. That being said, every company or product listed on this page are worthy of being here.