What is a VPN ?


Once created as a tool for secure sharing of sensitive inside information in enterprises, today VPN is growing in demand among private individuals. As concerns about online privacy resonate on a global level, it’s time to take the matter of your Internet security into your own hands. Let us help you do exactly that.

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What is a Seedbox ?


A cloud, a server, and your personal media center in one place. Available in full privacy at any place, any time, in most of your devices. Getting a seedbox can be a game changer for anyone who like sharing data in P2P communities or streaming video with Plex. A big step towards becoming the administrator of your own cyberspace.

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What is a Usenet


The Internet before the Internet existed. Think of it as a server-based and thus fast torrent alternative for 2019. Find out more about Usenet primary sharing features and the inside community similar to Reddit or 4Chan.

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